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Meet the team behind Purchasing Platform

At Purchasing Platform, we know that collaboration is our superpower. The backbone of our culture is respect, transparency, and accountability.

We are a group of diverse individuals but we play for one team to solve problems, simplify process and lower costs for our Member Portfolios & Vendor Partners.Our humor-first team is an epicurious and highly creative bunch with hobbies outside of work including fight choreography, Klingon opera singing, horse betting, and even actual underwater mermaiding! On in-office days you can expect a fist bump from the CEO and a perpetual overflow of Skittles and M&Ms in our snack closet. At Purchasing Platform, the best ideas win!

Our leadership team

Dave Bowen

Chairman & CEO

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Robert Weisberg

VP, Finance & Strategy

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Steve O'Connor

VP, Analytics & Merchandising

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Tiffany Blanchet

VP, People

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